Legacy Project


Established in 2011, the Legacy Project aims to preserve and enhance the artist’s influence through cooperative exhibitions and the placement of artwork in public collections and teaching institutions. Keeping in mind the importance of preserving and documenting Sanín’s work, the project plans to promote scholarship, critical writing, and publications, including a catalogue raisonné.


The project will activate interest, dialogue, and future scholarship in Sanín’s artistic production, while highlighting her lifelong commitment to geometric abstraction and her role as a colorist.

Since the beginning of her career Sanín has preserved important works in her personal collection and the Legacy Project will identify institutions within the regions, in which the artist has worked for potential acquisition of these critical pieces. Ultimately, the project will expose a diverse audience from a variety of communities and counties to Sanín’s work and in turn enhance awareness of her artistic practice as a whole.

Advisory Committee

José Antonio Camacho, Clayton Kirking, Carlos Motta, Mayer Sasson, Patterson Sims, Ana Sokoloff, and Edward Sullivan.


  • Establishing a strategic plan for the permanent placement of artwork into museums in the Americas and Europe.
  • Fostering institutional relationships, which have led to the acquisition of artworks by museums in the US and Colombia.
  • Creating a Legacy in the artist native Colombia. A group of nine paintings have been added to the holdings of the Museo Nacional de Colombia, marking the Project’s largest artwork placement to date.
  • Three additional museums in Medellín Colombia have received artworks to increase their holdings.
  • The Legacy Project has begun working with institutions in the  United States, including placing artworks at the Allen Memorial Art Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and National Museum of Women in the Arts.  For an updated list please visit collections.
  • Developing cooperative exhibitions, the Museo Nacional de Colombia hosted a year-long exhibition: En Abstracto, highlighting the recent Legacy works along side other seminal paintings from Sanín’s career.
  • Creating a robust database, in which all the artist’s artworks, exhibitions, literature, and related materials are recorded for the purposes of future scholarship.

Owners of Artworks

The Legacy Project is always interested to learn about works of art by Fanny Sanín. Owners of works by Fanny Sanín are encouraged to contact the Legacy Project: Fannysaninlegacy [at] fannysaninlegacyproject.org.